The Hard Places Community has been in the country of Cambodia since 2009 working in one of the worst spots in the world for child sex trafficking. We have multiple centers across 2 cities in Cambodia where we work with kids who have been sexually exploited and those who are at high risk to be exploited because of where they live and their family's lack of economic opportunities. 


Our staff is composed of over 30 Cambodian nationals who work as social works, councilors, teachers, and outreach leaders. At our centers we take a holistic approach as we treat our children mind, body, and soul through various programs and outreaches from computer and English class, to our school of worship where children learn an instrument and how to lead, to our soccer ministry where kids get to be a part of a team and learn to work well with others. We also have the difficult task of walking with children who have been abused through legal proceedings including being their advocate in their court cases. 


"A partnership between the Laguna Social Tribe and The Hard Places Community will directly impact the nation of Cambodia by allowing us to hire more Cambodian staff members who will work directly with children who have been trafficked or are at high risk of exploitation. We are raising up a young generation who will end the decades long cycle of abuse and YOU  are a part of that."  

Drew Mellon
The Hard Places Community
USA Director



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