GROWTH: Kitty's Summer Story

We still love hearing all of the amazing summer stories our sisters experience this summer. This summer, our sister Kitty Kelsey interned for a congressional campaign... We were so impressed that we had to hear all about it!

Going to Mississippi College, it is almost expected for you to be a summer camp counselor or go on some sort of mission trip during the summer. However, the Lord uses everyone is so many different ways. 

This summer I had the opportunity to intern for a congressional campaign. One of my many cousins, Brian Kelsey, is currently a state senator. Back in February, I found out he would be running to represent Tennessee’s 8th congressional district. I got in touch with him as soon as I could. Being a political science major,  this seemed like the perfect opportunity -for the first time, I could dip my toes in the political world. In late April, I got a call saying I would be able to come on the campaign as an intern. I was so excited but had no idea what to expect.

I walked in my first day and was immediately greeted with a to-do list and what seemed like mounds of busy work that no one wanted to do. Naturally, the senior staff pushed this work over to their interns. Despite the work’s cumbersome connotation, I was happy to do it. Spreadsheets turned to phone calls and phone calls turned to my favorite job task… door knocking. Yes, this summer I was the annoying person that knocked on your door just to talk to you about politics and promote my candidate. I never thought I would be the person I typically avoid, but I was. All the tasks were seemingly monotonous and boring, but they changed me in a way I was not expecting. My eyes were opened to the kind of hard work that really goes into campaigns, and I got to see how all the moving parts work together to get this campaign moving. More than that, I was never really comfortable openly talking to people I did know about politics --let alone even knock on their door. I was really pushed out of my comfort zone and was terrified, but being myself, I couldn’t let other people know that. I just pushed through and did it. Eventually,  door-knocking and phone call-answering were my specialties. Most of the staff didn’t even know how scared of it I was. I was a natural.

You would think I would hate these things and get bored with the job, but I never did. I had an amazing staff over me, and some even more amazing interns that I have made lasting relationships with. I had an odd peace about working in that office. Despite all the seemingly boring work I was doing, I knew I was where I was supposed to be. Politics is a dirty field to go into that most people frown upon. I knew I wanted to do law, but I never really thought about actually going into politics until recently. I had prayed about it constantly before this internship came up: I knew it would either make or break me. Oh, it just gave me a taste of something I wanted to do for a long time. People warned me of the stigmas that are placed on politicians and the kind of world I would be entering into, but God put me here for a reason.

This internship grew so much of me as a person. It was challenging at times to keep up with adults who do it for a living, and even other kids my age that just had more experience than I did. It was incredible to see how the Lord could use me in such a seemingly unlikely place. I was able to stay in Tennessee and work for a politician and still carry out God’s plan to spread His word. I came in contact with so many walks of life and was able to share a little bit about myself and my views with each of them. Was my goal still to promote political affiliations? Yes. However, that always led to a discussion of values and more often than not I was given an opportunity to share my faith with these people.

It is so amazing being in the center of God’s plan. Whether it is going across the world to share the gospel or stay at home to work a summer job, God can use you and grow you as a person more than anyone could imagine.