What is a "beau"?

These incredible guys were handpicked by the sisters of Laguna to become a part of the pledge class and walk the next four years alongside their sisters.  

It is hard to simply define what is the essence of being a beau, namely a Laguna Beau, especially to anyone outside if the MC community.
I believe it to be one of the highest honors one might receive, one rich in the Lord’s blessings and full of unique opportunities. I could describe this with countless stories, some too rich for words, but it is something one must live to fully understand.
In the words of the wise Zach Ashcraft, “Being a beau is a duty before being an honor”. This is something I have tried my best to uphold and exemplify as I have lived in this role. On a daily basis, being a beau means being a friend and a brother. This often looks like being a set of ears to listen, a buddy to go on random adventures, a set of arms to change tires or move tailgates, a character to act a fool on stage, or a smile of encouragement any day of the week. I get to use Laguna as a ministry to meet people where they are at and love them the way the Lord has taught me to. I get to serve the ladies in countless ways and share my experiences with them. I get to simply do life and enjoy college with the best girls on MC’s campus!
However, the ladies have no clue how much they have done for me over the years by allowing me to be a part of them. Words simply cannot describe. God has used Laguna to develop me socially, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually in my college career. Being a beau has taught me how to love and lead people better, how to find joy in each moment, and how to live in community focused on the Father. I would not have become the Travis I am today if it were not for the blessing of Laguna and I mean that, cliché aside. Being a Laguna beau is the best thing that could happen to anyone at MC, fact.
— Travis Pollard Senior Beau

Travis Pollard

Senior Beau



Austin King

Junior Beau



Brady Bradshaw

Sophomore Beau